In Theaters 2023

  • Realase date: TBD
  • Directed By: Aaron Lee Lopez
  • Executive
    Kurt Wipfli
  • Produced by: Kurt Wipfli, Aaron Lee Lopez, Kim Richards & Paul Matthew Lopez
  • Written By: Aaron Lee Lopez
  • Distribution
    Yaniv Raphael Bar
  • Language: English
  • Showing in: 2D, 3D
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“Rockin’ In Time” is a humorous take on today’s nostalgic interest in the music, styles and personalities of the 1980’s music scene, as seen through the eyes of an up-and-coming rock musician thrust 40 years into the future. Together with cameo appearances from 1980’s rock royalty, audiences will have an opportunity to see some of their favorite rock stars as they come to the aid and defense of their time-traveling friend, Lars Olsen. Watch as Lars and a jam-packed group of music icons from the past, present and future, combine humor with a delightful mix of nostalgia, all experienced through futuristic movie and music-listening 3D surround sound!

Rocky Kramer

Kramer will play, Lars Olsen, a rising rock n’ roll virtuoso, who wields his axe as a protege of guitar gods of the 1980s, while simultaneously captivating audiences with his dominant vocal skills. Director Aaron Lee Lopez says of Kramer’s casting: “I look forward to working with Rocky. He has that special aura we have been looking for to bring this story to life on the big screen,” while co-producer Kurt Wipfli remarks that “Rocky Kramer is a natural for the role of Lars Olsen. He’s an incredible musician and performer which makes his portrayal believable and entertaining. Rocky’s passion for music shines through when he’s playing his guitar.”